It’s Not

nearsilverIt’s not all in your head

It’s the little voice with the big mouth
It’s the first thing you think about when you wake up at 2am
It’s what you’re holding out for
It’s whats waiting for you
It’s the heart and soul
It’s not consequence, this isn’t the revenge
This is not the rest of your life

Whatever it is you’re dreading, is now powerless
Whatever is mean’t for you, isn’t going to miss it’s shot
You’re not losing
You’re not coming undone
You’re not forgotten
You’re not worse
You’re more than what you can’t find
You’re more than the crisis
You’re trying
You’re listening
You’re doing it right

If it stings, let it burn
If it hurts, let it bleed
If it cries, let it wail
If it shrieks, let it howl
If it hums, let it sing

It’s not all in your head

It’s hell, it’s heaven, it’s lost, it’s found
It’s as real as the surface it rises to and then it’s gone.
These moments belong to you and then they’re gone.
They’re yesterday, they’re three weeks ago, they’re two years—gone.

Stop living inside your head
There isn’t anything there
You’ve looked
It’s not all in your head


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