Hold the Glass Until it Breaks

There is a lighthouse built for the human experience—the human condition, it’s just that no one ever talks about it. It’s cramped and dusty but inside the lighthouse are a few important things. Amongst those important things is a box that reads instinct written in shitty hand writing. Chances are, you haven’t even noticed this box was there because right above it is the glittery intricate box that reads lust in bubble letters. To the right of the box, is another box that reads defense. To the left of defense is a smaller box that contains everything that is familiar to you. Throw these boxes out and go pour yourself a drink. If you can manage to move past lust, it’s a step closer. If you can set defense aside, it’s two steps closer. Third step is the charm, if you can manage to face familiarity and place it behind you, you’ll find yourself in the presence of something that is going to feel twice your size. Instinct.

It belongs to those whose heads shoot up when they hear, “Okay, now here’s a tricky one.” It is in the palm of those who understand what frustrates us and it is at the center of every risk, beginning and end. The guiding principal, a true north and incredibly hard to come by. It is an art form that be only executed with heart and soul, everything else is a cheap supply. This is the reason why it’s a hell of a lot easier to open the door to the lighthouse and see what’s easy and within reach and attempt to convince ourselves that this is going to be good enough. This is where the cruciality of the lighthouse is justified. We cannot convince ourselves or carry out meaning just with what’s within reach, things add up and instinct echoes. We are a lot smarter than we allow ourselves to recognize. Grey area, uncertainty and some sort of ambiguity are meant to be acted upon—instinct. This is the purpose of the lust, this is the purpose of defense, this is the purpose of familiarity. They’re meant to pale in comparison when in the presence of instinct. Instinct poured you the drink and now instinct is going to give you the confidence to hold the glass until it breaks.

You can bend until you break, you will survive when the glass cuts your skin. There is a freedom in bringing yourself to a breaking point, there is a freedom in tightening your grip to the point something shatters. Break the the glass, be honest. Break the glass, don’t limit yourself. Break the glass with a smile. You have nothing to lose. Trust your instinct, you will get what you deserve. It will not cheat you of an experience, it will not leave you feeling insignificant. Build on it, trust that there’s going to something or someone there waiting to catch you. Believe that that someone can be you. Instinct belongs to those who recognize the grey area and refuse to be entertained by it, they rather question it. Purpose belongs to those who move past the lust, the defense and familiarity to find the instinct before time runs out. Time can run out, you will wake up one day ten years from now and if there’s stories to tell or someone to kiss good-morning, chances are you’ll of had in one way or another, surrendered to the instinct inside the lighthouse.

I hope you adhere to what echoes, I hope you act upon instinct. I hope you hold the glass until it breaks.


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