My Playground

Don’t say you didn’t do anything today. When someone asks, tell them you went for a walk in Vadgoan Sheri, Pune but when they ask for details, you’re on your own with that one. This is my playground as of September. No, there isn’t a sidewalk but there is an amazing fruit stand that sells … Continue reading



I’m sorry but I still can’t find the words for this The connection is all weak and fucked up It was beautiful before it lost signal You should’ve seen it You should’ve felt it You have to hold it up to the light now Run that counterfeit pen across it once And hope the bill … Continue reading



This cute little photo has been my wallpaper for the last couple of weeks. Even though my phone serves no real purpose for anything but it’s camera, potential wifi connection and an alarm, it still works. She’s cute, right? All yellow and shit. Black eyes, no nose. She’s cute. I named her Cecilia. She just … Continue reading


You and I

It is an irreplaceable feeling to hear the voice of people back home. I tear up every time. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world, not even a life-time supply of all you can eat sushi and a promised doppio espresso on my bedside every morning. That’s real value in my book. This … Continue reading