This cute little photo has been my wallpaper for the last couple of weeks. Even though my phone serves no real purpose for anything but it’s camera, potential wifi connection and an alarm, it still works. She’s cute, right? All yellow and shit. Black eyes, no nose. She’s cute. I named her Cecilia. She just looks like a Cecilia. “Be brave” sounds like young-adult novel bullshit though. “Be brave, tomorrow will come” or “Be brave, your eyes will shine bright again.” All that sounds like it’s responsible for projectile vomit. It’s limp and if I was walking through the flames of hell and heard “be brave” that would assure me I was in devil’s den. Now here’s where I eat my own words…little Cecilia and her lifeless hair have been there for me, she’s super cute and until I find another little Cecilia—preferably with something like “Fuck shit up” or “Hell no” tangled in her hair, this yellow chick is going to have to keep stepping up.

Keep up the good work, Cecilia.


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