My Playground

Don’t say you didn’t do anything today. When someone asks, tell them you went for a walk in Vadgoan Sheri, Pune but when they ask for details, you’re on your own with that one.

This is my playground as of September. No, there isn’t a sidewalk but there is an amazing fruit stand that sells custard apples right across from my house. That makes up for it, that’s what I’ve been telling myself. My sunrise, my sunset, happens here. It felt like I was in over my head about 5 weeks ago, but that’s not the case anymore. Now, I’m entirely comfortable dodging motorcyclists and throwing my hand up in the air and hailing for an auto. I know, it sounded simple to me too. (They actually don’t stop for you.)

Anyway, back to our walk. This is Vadgoan Sheri, where I live, this is a glance. It’s highly saturated and noisy. I actually got a little lost when I went out to innocently “take some pictures.” If you can hear a rickshaw faintly in the distance every couple minutes, I wouldn’t really call it lost…really. Point is, I made it back home safely and here we are, you and I, in India. I can’t promise you the stamp on your passport but this it, my home – Vadgoan Sheri Pune.




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