I Never Thought I’d Do This

Raise your hands if you have/had a tumblr. Raise your hands if you didn’t have a tumblr but still know all there is to know about tumblr. I’ll raise my hand because tumblr was the reason I’d stay up past midnight as a rebellious incoming freshman the summer of 2010. I wasn’t sneaking out the house, no. I wasn’t researching substantial topics, no. I was reblogging Lil Wayne lyrics and pictures of cupcakes. I remember my free theme, too. It had big block letters up top that spelled out my name. I never stopped going on tumblr since that summer in 2010. To this day I still go on tumblr every holy day. In a stunning turn of events and one new iPhone later, I was locked out of the account. If you have a conscious you know not to ever use your real person email as your tumblr email, you use the other email you made in the 5th grade which has 3,384 emails in the inbox. This is also the email you never log into and if you’re still with me on this, you too have forgotten the password to this 5th grade email. You’ve emailed and called Yahoo, you’ve irritated tumblr with your panicked state and after all your efforts there’s no way to validate you are who you say you are on the tumblr website.

I can’t tell you of many things that can entirely speak on my behalf. I would say that this website isn’t even there yet and it probably won’t be for a while. I can count the amount of people who knew about this tumblr with one hand. It is as sacred to me as the world’s best kept secret and I kept it that way up until the day I lost it. It’s my heart and soul visualized and spoken for. I wish I was talking about something more tangible than just a link but it’s still the only thing I know that has reached and made its way through all the mazes within me. There are hidden tags some places, my personal favorite is the green tag which sends you to a full page of everything colored green. The yes tag gets scary personal. It’s as complete as it could of had ever been, I’ll probably always wish I could’ve kept it but I’m at peace with all it became, all it stands for.

In all her glory, this was tatttiii.tumblr.com



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